Currency Conversion App

Our Currency App and Tables are a holiday or traveling must.

How to use our App .

Touch Setting and then the + on the top right of the screen.

Fill in the fields in the white space after:

Destination Currency

Own Currency

(You can enter a Name or symbol).

Touch ✔ to the side of Exchange Rate or Currency Rate

Enter your Rate in to the white space after Conversion Rate

Touch Save.


Touch Converter.

Enter the amount that you wish to convert in the white space next to Amount.

(The App converts the amount as you type).


To Edit, Delete or Add another Currency Conversion Touch Settings, Touch the Conversion that you wish to Edit or Delete or Touch the + on the top right of the screen to add another Conversion.


To Switch between Currency Convertersions Touch the Down Arrow to the side of Convert From whilst in a Converter.

Select the Conversion you wish to change to.

Touch Done.